Consider Decorating for Your Pleasure

When making your decorating decisions, the most important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What makes you feel comfortable?
  • What kind of environment do you love and what makes you feel good?
  • What makes your house feel like a home?

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, classic country, or a mixture of styles, you need to consider the above questions before you make any decisions.

Look for common threads in the items that you love – what items do you have now that you love, and which ones would you like to replace? Can you incorporate some of your existing items into your new décor?

Consider the color palette – decorators recommend that one color enhance 60% of your room, and the second color 30% – save the brightest color for the last 10%.

Read some of the home design magazines or research on the internet or Pinterest for ideas. Consider your budget and what you would like to accomplish, but most of all, make sure you will love the result.